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Founded in Apples, Switzerland in 1981, Logitech has become one of the world’s best known manufacturers of digital peripherals, covering a range of areas, including computer pointers, internet exchange tools, gaming devices and digital entertainment media. In 2004, the company acquired a line of affordable high-tech universal remotes that would act as the digital home’s navigating device. Popularly known as Logitech Harmony, these remotes can integrate multiple digital systems without the need for multiple controls. It simplifies the use of digital media, and allows for better user interface.

Depending on the user’s requirements and budget, the Logitech Harmony line has a highly varied line of remote control products, from the basic universal control to the more premium, touch-screen devices. In the United States, there are about nine models available, along with a selection of cables, extenders and other accessories. Based on functionality, prices range from about forty-nine dollars to a little under four hundred dollars.

The entry-level Logitech Harmony 300 supports more than five thousand brands. It comes with software that is very easy to set-up. This Logitech Harmony remote control has an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes it convenient to use. The LH 300 has basic controls that allow the user to access the Menu, Volume, and Channel Controls of their chosen device. Overall, it is a pretty straightforward device. It does not contain any complicated tools or functions. It is a low-maintenance unit that is ideal for those who want to manage three to four devices with a single remote.

The mid-range, touch-screen Harmony One Advanced Universal Control System comes with an infra-red extender and a battery charger. It allows the control of about fifteen devices, even when they are inside a closed cabinet. Its infrared extender can penetrate solid lids and dividers. Because it is touch-screen, it is easy to navigate through the various control functions. It has a rich user interface that simplifies the use of multiple systems.

In the tradition of Logitech, Harmony One is ergonomically shaped with large buttons. It is compatible with about two hundred and twenty-five thousand devices. The time it takes to set-up this remote is significantly less than some of the other models.

The high-end 900 model has a built-in RF technology that allows the users to control multiple devices at a distance of up to a hundred feet. Like the LH One model, the LH 900 has touch-screen features and a rechargeable battery. It is highly programmable and easily compatible with a number of devices.

Both the Logitech Harmony One and the 900 series require LCD protectors to minimize screen damage. It is advised that they be put in a remote control sleeve or container for easy access and storage. The user also has to be very careful not to drop the units.

As with all universal products, the user should check for compatibility to his or her existing devices. While Logitech has a comprehensive database of digital products, some systems may not be supported. Having the foresight to look through the system requirements and read the instruction manual can help avoid future problems caused by lack of information and non-compliance.

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