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Logitech Harmony – Why buy a universal remote?

Universal remotes are always a great piece of technology to have in your household. They make keeping track of all your electronic devices, a snap. Why would you want to have fifteen different remotes in your living room when you could have just one? Logitech is a great company and they make some of the best universal remotes that you can buy. Their line of Harmony remotes are used and enjoyed by lots of people. In this article I’ll talk about reasons why you should buy a Logitech Harmony universal remote.

The first reason you should buy a Logitech Harmony universal remote is, the easy to read lcd screen. Not all Harmony remotes come with this light up screen, but the majority do. This liquid crystal display screen, allows you to easily select what device you want to use. You can also use it in a dark room as you’ll still be able to read the menu’s. Imagine turning your tv on, then turning on the dvd player to watch a movie, all with the same remote. All these things are possible with Logitech Harmony universal remotes.

Nothing is worse than clutter all over your living room. One thing that can add to all this clutter is remote controls all over the place. Another reason why you should buy a Logitech Harmony remote, is to remove this clutter. This remote will replace all your old ones. It’ll free up room on the coffee table and will help make your room more orderly. I personally hate when I’m missing a controller for the tv or dvd player. You won’t have to worry about losing all your controllers because now they are all on one easy to use remote.

When you want to watch a movie or television show you don’t want to have to go through five different remotes. The Logitech Harmony universal remote will make your life a lot easier by combining all your remotes onto one. This is another reason you should buy this great remote. It can control your DVD player, your television, your cable and lots more. Convenience is something all people could use more of in their lives. Harmony remotes from Logitech will help you get there.

The last reason you should buy a Logitech Harmony remote is, it works with 225,000+ devices! The chances of your DVD player or tv working with one of these remotes is extremely high. Before buying one of these remotes you should make sure that your device is compatible. I’ll add a link to this site soon, that will enable you to make sure your device can be used. If your going to spend your hard earned money, make sure you take the time to make sure you get a Harmony remote that will work for you.

In closing, the reasons to buy a Harmony remote control are many. Above, I’ve listed just a couple. These remotes will make your life a lot easier. You’ll have a lot less clutter due to not having to have your other remotes around. Shortly after you buy a Harmony you’ll realize how great of an idea it was and how it was totally worth every penny you paid for it. Then you’ll understand why you needed to buy one of these great remotes.

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Here is a great video about the Harmony 1100 Advanced Remote.

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