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Logitech Harmony – The convenience of all in one remotes

When you buy an all in one remote for your entertainment center, you want convenience. You want an all in one remote that can really get the job done. You want it to be simple to set up and be easy to use as well. Well the Logitech Harmony line of remotes can make your life a lot easier in many different ways. It can replace lots of different remote controllers for other devices. It can save you lots of time when switching from using one device to the next. Most of the models have battery packs. This can save you a lot of money because you won’t have to buy batteries for all your different remotes. One click activity buttons are great too. These allow you to switch from one device to the next with ease. In this article I’ll talk about the convenience of a Harmony remote control.

The first thing about Logitech Harmony remotes that makes them convenient is, it replaces lots of controllers. I don’t know about you, but I hate losing my controllers. Sometimes they slide between the couch cushions. Or they get hidden under something. Either way, having one remote will save you from a lot of aggravation. It’ll also save you from having to buy a lot of batteries. Everyone knows how expensive they can be. The convenience of having one controller instead of four or five is apparent.

Switching out devices when you want to use them, takes a lot of time. This is another issue that makes Logitech Harmony remotes more convenient. If you want to go from watching a dvd to playing your stereo, you have to get up and manually switch the power supply. Even if you have controllers for both, you have to keep both remotes nearby to use them. This takes more time than it should. You could have both devices added to your Harmony remote and just hit a button and be listening to music 30 seconds later. It’s a breeze.

Another great convenience about some Logitech Harmony remotes, is that they have rechargeable batteries built right in. This means that you can save a bunch of money on buying batteries. It also means that you can charge your remote when your not using it, so it can be ready to be used when ever you do need it. This is just another fact that will save you more time and money. If you want this in your remote just make sure that it is included. Not all models include the rechargeable batteries.

The last great thing about a Harmony universal remote, is the one touch activity buttons. These buttons clearly streamline switching from one device to the next. Once set up, all you have to do is select what action you want to take. Do you want to watch a dvd, listen to music on your stereo or play a game on your gaming console? All of this can be achieved with the touch of a button. This is just a another convenience of these remotes.

In summary, the convenience of a Logitech Harmony remote makes them a worthy prospect when looking for all in one remotes. They can replace a lot of other remotes. They can save you time by switching between devices quickly. Some models also contain rechargeable batteries to make operation a snap. Also, the one touch activity buttons streamline their ease of use. The Harmony remotes are some of the most convenient and easy to use on the market for these reasons.

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