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Logitech Harmony – The top 10 reasons to get one

Universal remotes are great pieces of technology. They make life so much easier when it comes to organizing your dvd, tv, vcr etc. In this article I’ll give you the top 10 reasons to buy a Logitech Harmony remote control.

#10- It will make your life a lot easier

When you come home from work you just want to relax. You don’t want to have to worry about changing batteries in your tv remote. You also probably don’t want to go looking for your dvd player remote that’s been missing for days. Logitech Harmony universal remotes will make your life more stress free.

#9-  It will save you on batteries

Batteries cost a lot of money. Especially if you have a lot of different electronic devices using them. Why not cut down on on the batteries you are using by getting a Logitech Harmony universal remote. You will cut down on your devices and will use less batteries.

#8- It will save you time

It takes time to change between different devices. You have to turn on the device you want to use. Connect the device. Then you have to turn off the device you were using. And on and on. It’s easier to just hit one button to do all of this with a Harmony remote. It will save you lots of time and effort.

#7- It will save you money

This was somewhat mentioned in reason #9. Batteries cost you money. When you have a lot less devices you use less batteries, therefore you save money.

#6- You will always stay updated

If you get a newer device after you buy your Logitech Harmony remote, you won’t have to worry. The updates for the new device will be in the system and all you have to do is update everything. The system is constantly updated with all sorts of new devices coming out on the market.

#5- Easy to setup

Harmony remotes are very easy to setup. All you have to do is connect the usb cable from your new remote to your computer. You then go to the website, pick your devices manufacturer and follow the onscreen instructions. Even with remotes such as the Logitech Harmony 1100, setup is a breeze.

#4- Not expensive for what it does

These universal remotes cost some money. But it’s really not a lot considering what they can do. It makes things more convenient to have all your devices on one controller and most people agree. It’s worth the money and pays for itself.

#3- They are ergonomic

This is great to just improve the feel of the remote in your hand. It’s always better to have comfort when holding a remote as much as you’ll be using your new Logitech device.

#2- LCD Screen

The majority of Harmony remotes have a nice lcd screen. The makes your Logitech Harmony a lot easier to use because the menu’s and commands are all organized and easy to understand.

#1- Programmable buttons

Your Logitech Harmony remote comes with options to set it to your favorite channels and anything else you can imagine. These remotes are extremely customizable. There few reasons to not buy a Harmony.

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Here’s a great video review of the Harmony one remote.

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